Using Natural Stone in Bathrooms

Bathrooms used to be small and uninviting. Over the years, they have become a haven of uninterrupted peace and solitude. Spas, open showers and tubs are used in an open concept, creating an atmosphere of natural pleasure. By incorporating stone products, glass and metal with water, an element of the peaceful outdoors is added.

Why Stone Veneer Works on Bathroom Walls

Many people may believe that the bathroom would be off limits for the use of stone products, but commercial spas have been using it for years. Because stone veneer is created from actual stone or manufactured stone, the durability is long-lasting. Manufactured stone is less resilient due to its porous nature, but special coating products are available to prevent water damage to occur.

Different Stone Products for Different Styles

Stacked stone is a favorite in spas for bringing home a feel for the outdoors. It adds dimension with a rugged look while making the perfect match with slatted benches and fixtures. Black and white decor is chosen as the color scheme for baths, charcoal rock panels add a cool and contemporary look. Stainless steel sets off the area with sophistication. White quartz will add pizazz to bathrooms, especially when lots of direct lighting is used.

Using Stone Veneer to Lift and Highlight

Creating a focal point in a bathroom is not always easy. but stone products can add a unique appearance that draws the eye. Covering a small area above the sink or placing a strip down a bare wall can bring aesthetic attention. Mixed with mirrored panels, a contemporary presence is displayed. Showers that are lined with solid marble are never boring when elongated pieces of stacked stone are added.

Gracious Open Tubs

Tubs and showers are beginning to separate to provide different relaxing experiences. Whether your tub is placed against a wall or standing in splendor in the middle of a room, a backdrop of natural-looking stone veneer can make that bath feel like a dream. Dot the area with LED floor lighting and the float beneath the stars.

Care and Maintenance of Stone Products

Each type of stone is different and should be properly prepared before exposing to water or steam. Stone does not discolor, but manufactured stone will take on different shades. Follow manufacturer’s suggestions for protecting your investment. Be aware of the care in maintaining your new stone to keep it looking new for years to come.

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