The Technological Trends Driving Service Delivery Changes in Plumbing

Not many people may associate plumbing repair with technology, but today’s plumber knows very well the value of leveraging on technology. From providing clients with better services to managing their offices, modern technology is helping the plumbing service industry to evolve. Understanding the trends that are driving service delivery within this crucial industry is, therefore, important considering that homeowners continue to scout for latest technological options to spruce up their homes.

Technologies That Improve Green Living

Going green is no longer a vogue; it’s part and parcel of today’s society. While shower control systems and bathroom music streaming are gaining attention, greener plumbing technologies are also growing in consumer interest—more and more customers are seeking for greener products and services for their plumbing systems. Additionally, emerging technologies involve the combination of plumbing automation with greener practices. For instance, sprinkler systems are currently being attached to controllers with Wi-Fi capabilities to download daily weather forecasts data that are in turn used to adjust the sprinklers accordingly. As a modern plumber, therefore, adding greener solution to your offerings isn’t only a good idea for your clients but also an ingenious way of taking your plumbing business to another level.

Technologies That Improve Comfort and Healthy Living

Today, more than ever, consumers are looking for plumbing technologies that can improve their comfort and promote healthy living. For instance, technologies that make toilets, drains, and faucets more digital or ‘touchless’ are gaining popularity among consumers—people are craving for the capability to close the toilet lid, flush, and wash their hands without touching germ-infested surfaces.

Consumers are also looking for luxury showerheads that can turn their home showers into spa-like experiences. Additionally, filtration systems are in high demand as more consumers learn the potential health hazards of tap water. Technologies such as reverse osmosis filtration are becoming more popular as customers want access to cleaner and safer drinking water. In a nutshell, a plumbing company that can provide such upgrades to their clients will continue to meet the growing demand in the industry.

Technologies that boost Home Value

When consumers are looking for ways to upgrade their homes and surroundings, they are considering technologies that can make their homes more unique and bespoke. In most cases, the upgrades are done to the bathroom and kitchen—two rooms where many homeowners conventionally spend bulk of their time. Put simply, many homeowners love smarter homes and plumbing repair technologies will be part of this trend.

Bottom Line

Whether the technology improves customers’ experiences or plumbers’ service delivery capabilities, one thing is certain: it is changing the nature of the plumbing repair industry. Accordingly, to remain competitive as plumbing company, it is pertinent to keep up with these critical technological trends.

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