Ready for an HVAC Upgrade? Get a Hybrid System and Save

With the cost to run gas and oil burning furnaces expected to rise significantly over the next couple of years, investing in a hybrid furnace that works efficiently is a trend worth investing in. The efficient furnace works with the assistance of a geothermal heat pump to reduce heating and cooling costs significantly. If you need furnace repair in the home and you want to start living in a property that is efficient as it can be, one of the areas you want to focus on is the HVAC appliances. Here are some reasons for hybrid furnace installation, like a heat pump and efficient furnace.

The Heat Pump Uses Minimal Energy

The heat pump works by pulling heat out of the atmosphere and the ground, to bring the heat into your living space to make it warm like a furnace would blow warm air. The heat pump can reduce heating costs by working up to 50 percent more efficiently when it comes to your electrical costs, and your furnace won’t turn unless temperatures are so low it’s too difficult for the pump to keep the house at the temperature you desire.

Furnace Heat is a Last Resort

When the heat pump can’t heat the home alone, the hybrid system will then signal the furnace to come on and only heat as needed. The furnace won’t have to run during the fall and spring when temperatures are inconsistent, and the unit won’t have to run continuously to heat the home even when the temperatures are low.

Tax Rebates Pay Back

Additional money can land in your pocket if you get a tax rebate for installing the hybrid system for the property, along with other efficient appliance options. Ask a HVAC professional at Climate Experts what other units, like a tankless water heater or ductless air conditioner would also benefit your home.

Cooling Air without Central Equipment

The heat pump also works like an air conditioner. The pump removes the hot air from your home, along with moisture that makes the air sticky and muggy. This means you’re getting multiple uses from just one unit, and you could be able to go without any central unit.

If you know that you’re ready to update the HVAC units at your home, find a heating company that installs efficient hybrid units in the home. These are systems that are financially worth the money that you take the time to invest.

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