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Each of the following pages leads you to hundreds of interesting educational web sites selected by our teachers at ALC. Enjoy!

Learning Categories.

Integratd Skills

Sites teaching multiple skills

The British Council (Learn English) Learn English is a free site from the British Council, the United Kingdom's international organisation for educational and cultural relations. This site also has activities for Kids (children aged 8 - 12 years) in the LearnEnglish Kids Zone, and (coming soon) a Professional zone for working people who need English for business and other professional purposes. The first of these is the MilitaryEnglish zone.


Grammar & Writing

Collection of Links

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Preposition Combinations


Sentence Transformation

Other Grammar Websites

Reducing Clauses

Examples of Adverbs

Examples of Adjectives



Interesting Sites

Dave Sperling's choice of pronunciation web sites.


Vocabulary & Idioms

Techniques & Exercises

  • MAILING LISTS (for Advanced students)

A Word A Day Sent out every weekday.

Collins Cobuild Wordwatch A weekly mailing from a British dictionary publisher.


dictionary.com Word of the Day

Merriam-Webster Daily Buzzword Follow the links to subscribe.

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day A daily mailing

Take Our Word For It A weekly preview mailing list.

TipWorld The relevant list is called Word origins. Daily.

VocabularyMail A daily mailing.

Word Spy Focuses on new words.


International Tests




Dave Sperling's selected links for Toefl on the internet.

Test Magic
TestMagic.com is a FREE online resource for the TOEFL, GMAT, and GRE  tests with FREE on-line practice questions, vocabulary lists, test information, and classes to help you improve your score fast on these tests.


Listening & Speaking

Listening /Speaking Skills

Listening on the Web
an inventory of web sites containing exercises that improve your listening in English. Listening materials on the Internet mainly use two kinds of software:
Real Audio and Shockwave. You will need to check that you computer is capable of running the latest versions of the software. You also need to remember that downloading sound files can take a long time. Downloading video can take even longer. RealAudio files often sound better the second time you play them.




About English Reading

Famous Canadians
Improve your reading comprehension through biographies of famous Canadians.


FSL ESL Teacher Zone

Resources for English & French Teachers