How to Keep Pests Away Naturally

While you may not want pests in your home, you may not want to kill them either. The good news is that there are many ways to keep insects, rodents and other bothersome creatures away from your property using nothing more than nature to your advantage. What are a few natural pest control tactics that you can start using right now?

Keep Trash Away From Your House

The first thing that you are going to want to do is keep your trash away from your home. This means keeping trash bins or other organic material in a shed or a garage that no one uses and is not connected to the rest of the property. At the very least, you will want to keep your trash bins tightly sealed between weekly pickups.

Clean Your Kitchen and Other Living Areas

It only takes a few crumbs to attract ants, mice or other pests. This means that you need to take out the trash, sweep the floor and make sure that plates are wiped clean each night. Carpets as well any spaces between couch cushions should be vacuumed at least once a week. Wood floors should be swept and mopped regularly to keep sugar and other sticky substances to accumulate on them.

Get Rid of Water or Other Sources of Moisture

Termites and carpenter ants love moisture and will naturally be attracted to any damp or moist environment. Therefore, it is in your best interest to remove any standing water or repair any structures that may be damaged by water. Homeowners may also want to think about finishing their basements or adding more ventilation to their attics to increase air flow and decrease humidity.

Eliminate Debt Wood From Your Property

If you have a dead tree or a rotting stump, you should get it off of your property immediately. It will attract insects that could potentially make their way to your home. From there, you may have no choice but to use sprays or other toxic means to get rid of them.

Mulch Can Act As a Repellent

Putting a layer of mulch or moss around your home can act as a deterrent to most insects and other pests. This is because they don’t like the taste, they don’t like the smell and they don’t like the texture of it either. In addition to keeping your home safe, it can also act as a barrier between pests and your plants, shrubs or trees.

You can control pests simply by keeping them at bay and away from your home or yard. Keeping your home in good shape, eliminating food sources and using materials that they are naturally repelled by, you can live in peace with nature and coexist with the other creatures nearby. You can learn more at the Affordable Pest Control website.

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