How to Find the Right Painter for Your Home Project

You would not want to trust your home to just anyone, especially when it comes to its painting. There are many mistakes homeowners make when trying to find the right painters, all of which you would rather avoid. Painting projects require a certain amount of expertise, beyond rolling the chosen color onto your walls. You can enjoy the outcome for years by selecting the right painters the very first time. Listed below are tips on how to find the most suitable painter for your home project.

Ask Around
Since one of the best ways to find a painter is through word-of-mouth, ask your family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues if they know of anyone after you decide on your painting project. You are likely to find the most suitable candidates from people you know.

Interview several candidates
Instead of getting just one contractor’s name and contact, get at least three and interview them separately to feel which one among them seems most competent and shares your vision more accurately.

Get estimates from all the chosen candidates
All painters should provide an estimate once they agree to take on a job. The estimates you get from the different contractors should be in the same ballpark and if you notice a huge difference, enquire as to why it is so. Unprofessional painters sometimes attempt to cut corners and present low estimates or pad the charges to present unreasonably high estimates.

Provide specific details about your painting project
Ensure you provide all the necessary details to your prospective contractors, specifying whatever you desire for every room, including color and type of paint. Ensure you also show the painter any damage in need of attention.

Note the contractor’s behavior
Look for the following behavioral signs and patterns when meeting prospective painters:
• Do they seem professional and experienced?
• Are they businesslike and courteous?
• Do they have a full schedule? The busier they are, the better their work.
• Do they return calls and provide information on time?
• Do they show up for appointments on time?

Be conscious of the contractor’s behavior when asking:
• How long they have been in that particular business
• If they are licensed, insured and bonded
• Whether or not they subcontract work
• Whether they can provide references
• The products they use
• Whether they guarantee their work for a specified period

Check references
Get a few references from the painters you interview and ensure you check the references. Ask whether you can have a look at the work performed.

Read the Contract
Thoroughly review the contract once you decide on a contractor, the details should include:
• The room or rooms to be painted
• Type of paint and color
• Mode of protection to be used for the items not to be painted
• Time scope
• Who will be responsible for both preparation and clean-up
• Deposit and payment schedule

Take the steps mentioned above to ensure you get the most reliable, experienced, and professional contractor for your home painting project. More information can be found at Absolute Home Services, providing you with additional resources and references.

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