Four Signs That You Need a New Roof

When it comes to getting a new roof put onto your home, it is better to do it before the current roof has a total failure. If you are unsure of whether or not it is time to get a new roof, you can always schedule an inspection with experienced roofers Toronto. You can also keep in mind these four signs that it is time for a replacement roof for your home.

1. Multiple Popped Nails

Take a look at your roof from the ground using a pair of binoculars. Alternatively, climb a ladder to look at the roof. If you see more than a couple of popped nails coming up and out of the shingles or shakes, you may need a new roof. The popped nails should be examined by your roofers. If the fasteners are rusted or corroded, there could be a significant roof leak. If only one or two nails have popped, the roofers may simply replace them and perform watchful waiting on the rest of the roof.

2. Missing Shingles or Flashing

If just one shingle or a couple are missing, roofers may be able to replace them. A single, short section of missing flashing may also be taken care of with a simple repair. If a big section of shingles or flashing goes missing, a new roof may be needed. Missing shingles or flashing allows water to seep into the roof’s sheathing. In some cases, a lot of the sheathing may also need to be replaced.

3. Curled, Cracked or Broken Shingles

When looking at the roof, notice if any shingles or shakes appear to have cracks or broken parts. Check for curling at the edges. If you notice any of these signs, a new roof may be necessary. These types of damage to the shingles suggest that they are at the end of their lifespan. A sudden severe weather event, such as a hail storm, may also cause the shingles to crack or break apart. One cracked shingle can be replaced, but if more than a couple are broken, cracked or curled, it is time for a new roof.

4. Roof Leak

When you see water coming into your home from the roof, it is likely time for a major roof repair or replacement. Water flows in the path of least resistance, so the place where you see water or water damage might not be the location where the roof is damaged. It is a good idea to have experts come and perform an inspection. Water damage may take the form of rust-colored stains, bubbled paint, peeling paint or wallpaper, mold growth or drops of water falling.

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